child54The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that all children be seen by their dentist within 6 months of their first tooth erupting or by age 1. This is due to the multiple strong studies that have shown that children who have a dental home early in life and who visit the dentist regularly experience less tooth decay and spend much less money on dental care for the rest of their lives.

Our top goal at JPD is to prevent tooth decay from happening. The keys to this are in many ways the same that they have always been: brush the teeth and gums thoroughly or 2 minutes morning and night, floss, and avoid sugary and starchy foods and snacks. For babies it is very essential that they not be put to bed with a bottle containing anything but water after the eruption of their first tooth. Night time bottle feeding often results in early childhood tooth decay.

Other factors such as tooth anatomy, saliva, and family history among other things place some children at higher risk that others for tooth decay. For these children we make take additional measures such as special mouthrinses, topical fluorides, and more frequent preventive visits to the office to help ensure your child’s oral health, Sealants are almost always used on new permanent molars and premolars to help ensure that the deep grooves in the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth are safeguarded from decay.

We would love you to call us the “dental home” of your children! Please call us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.